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About Counseling with Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Fragiskatos, San Diego Counselor, Therapist, and Empowerment CoachAs I prepare to tell you a little bit about myself...

I reflect back on my early days in the counseling profession and feel a profound sense of satisfaction in knowing that I was fortunate enough to participate in helping shape the lives and relationships of hundreds of clients.  I extend my appreciation to those who helped shape my career, and most importantly the style that I've incorporated into my work.


My view of counseling is that we relate to each other as people.  I don't take a position of authority and tell you how to live your life or alter your relationships.  We develop a partnership where we work as a team in creating the changes you want to see in your life, your relationships, your career, and your family.



"We talk, we laugh, we work"


My approach is relaxed.  We talk, we laugh, we work.  There is no stigma, no shame, no need to hide the fact that you attend counseling.  Modern counseling is not viewed as a weakness or as an indicator of your personal strength or worth.  Instead, counseling is viewed as an appropriate and needed avenue for self-care, and who can’t use more self-care?  You may do yoga, get massages, and you participate in counseling.  All are vital steps in your self-care process and you deserve to take advantage of this modern approach to self-care through the use of counseling.


With that said, let me explain a bit about my qualifications.    I've been studying psychology since my start in higher education.  I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of San Diego in 1986.  I then pursued my first Master of Arts degree in psychology from San Diego State University which I was awarded in 1989.  It was at this point that I decided to advance my education and develop counseling skills and I enrolled in a Doctorate of Psychology program at United States International University in San Diego, CA.  It was there that I learned advanced theories of Marriage and Family Therapy, completed research on family dynamics, and was ultimately awarded second Master of Arts degree, and yet, most importantly, my Doctorate of Psychology in 1993.


Following my graduation, I began my career as a counselor and worked at several state and county funded program for children and families.  After several years of counseling at these specialty programs, I began to manage these very same programs whose clients ranged from very young children to teens, families, and individuals.  I also became a professor at National University and taught psychology at several of their San Diego Campuses.


I now privately counsel individuals and families helping them create lasting changes that have the potential to impact future generations.  I welcome your call or email to discuss your situation, your goals, & your needs, and to see if my approach is the best way for you to succeed.





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