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Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling and Coaching by Dr. Chris Fragiskatos in San Diego, CA can assist with relationship issues such as conflict resolutionIndividual counseling can help in many significant ways that can greatly enhance your quality of life.  Chances are, you are in the midst of some sort of life crisis which may take the form of the loss of a relationship, career, or a change of location or job.  For many people, individual counseling is a way to take advantage of the support offered by an experienced professional to help get through these transitions as advantageously as possible.


Individual Counseling can help with:

  • Getting beyond the loss of a relationship
  • adjusting to A change in career
  • coping with The loss of a job and financial stress
  • Improving relationships
  • reducing or eliminating Anxiety
  • Setting goals for self-improvement


At other times, clients use individual counseling not only to deal with some transition or some other challenging or negative time in their life, but instead to work toward new heights in their relationships or their careers.  Counseling can help to remove limiting beliefs, challenge established norms, and gain clarity in a way that allows you to make determined, informed decisions.


"Seeking help is not a sign of weakness "

I've been helping individuals in San Diego take on these challenges in a manner that is supportive and compassionate, while at the time infusing humor and a casual "realness" that allows clients to feel relaxed and comfortable, almost as if talking to a trusted friend, yet providing the advantage of training and experience that spans over the last 20 years.


Are you wondering what to expect when you attend individual counseling at my office in San Diego?  You will enter a private, soothing, well-appointed space that help create a serene atmosphere to explore the challenges which have brought you to counseling in the first place.  Like any relationship, we will discuss simple and complex issues to help you express your feelings and needs, get clarity on your current situation, and develop an action plan where possible to give you a path toward resolution.


Lastly, individual counseling does not have to continue for years on end when using the methods that I bring to the table.  While years of counseling may be helpful for some people in certain circumstances, for the vast majority of clients this is just not the case.  Most of the time progress can be made quicker than you might have previously imagined.





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Consultation, Counseling, and Coaching available at my San Diego, CA office located at 3435 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 336, San Diego, CA, 92108.  I can be reached by phone or text at 619-990-4787 or by email using the Contact Form on my website. 

Additionally, coaching and consultation on a national basis can take place virtually in a Skype or Facetime video chat session, or by phone.



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