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Use my 110 item Relationship Profile to learn about and improve your relationship

There is so much value in knowing where the compatibilities are in your relationship and where they are not.  When couples are aligned in your values, your priorities, your wishes, your dreams, your goals, your emotional connection, your physical connection, in how you deal with finances, and in your spiritual lives, you can have a closer and more connected relationship.


But the beauty is that you don't have to be aligned and compatible on all these domains.  You must just be aligned on enough of the key ones to sustain a strong and close relationship.


For many couples, there are relationship domains in which they are not aligned, yet this does not cause them distress, as they allow each other the flexibility to “do their own thing”.  Another possibility is that they are not concerned about that domain and do not feel a lack of alignment is problematic in any way.


With knowledge regarding alignment, you can then make clear and focused choices on what is important in your relationship, what you are willing to change, and what you are not willing to change.


You will know better what you can accept from your partner, what you hope can change in your partner, and what you are not willing to accept as part of the relationship. You can make choices and adjustment to how you present yourself in the relationship.  These choices will greatly impact the quality and closeness you experience in your relationship.


You has the right to establish and create a relationship that meets your needs, the norms that they believe should exist in a relationship, and the set the boundaries that you wish to have.


This is one of main reasons I love what I do, it’s that I can help someone take a focused look at all aspects of the relationship and determine compatibilities and work on healthy improvement in areas where there is less compatibility.


Just as in many things in life, we must learn about our relationships to have any meaningful impact on them.  You wouldn't try to learn to fly an airplane if you first didn't learn the basics of flight such as lift, drag, and thrust?  Wouldn't you want to know the function of each control and button in the cockpit before using them?


Well, it’s that way with relationships as well.  It’s hard to know what you are working on if you don't have the information needed to assess various domains of the relationship, such as the Emotional Domain, the Financial Domain, and several others.  You need to know how these work and how compatible you are before you begin to assert changes that impact the relationship.  Sort of like knowing what the rudder of an airplane does before you start using it in flight.  Using my 110 item Relationship Profile will give you this knowledge.


If you would like to learn more about these domains and how to create a Relationship Profile, please ask me, Id be happy to share!


















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Consultation, Counseling, and Coaching available at my San Diego, CA office located at 3435 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 336, San Diego, CA, 92108.  I can be reached by phone or text at 619-990-4787 or by email using the Contact Form on my website. 

Additionally, coaching and consultation on a national basis can take place virtually in a Skype or Facetime video chat session, or by phone.



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